Within Žilina our goals are:

  • The development of energy saving and alternative modes of transport
  • The publicity of environmental friendly modes of transport
  • The organization of public cycling rides
  • The revitalisation of public places
  • Publicity of cycling and walking
  • The development and quality improvement of public transport and support of regional integrated public transport system
  • Publicity of the project of Rajec and Martin cycling route
  • Supporting of environmental and ecological citizen attitudes
  • The experts interconnection in the transportproblem solving

The long-term plan of MULICA society is sustainability for environmental stability, creation of a healthy town, enhancement of citizen services, publicity of environmental friendly modes of transport and reduction of using personal cars within town.

The first European Mobility Week in Žilina
The first European Mobility Week in Žilina was organised on 13 – 23 September 2007. Through the qualitative campaign in close cooperation with regional newspapers, television and radio, we have succeed in EMW presentation not only in Žilina, but throughout Slovakia. During EMW we invited national and foreign experts in areas such as ecology, cycling, transport, urbanism, mobility and sociology, who were opened to discuss with citizens of Žilina and they also presented very interesting ideas or experiences from their expert point of view. In addition, the citizens could ask and
join the discussions regarding transport problems, mobility, etc. Further, artists were invited too. They prepared a various art-shows and happenings which made real “liveable” public spaces in Žilina.

As other events we can mention:

  • Organisation of first citizen “Mobility workshop” – 2008
  • First public bike ride (230 participators)
  • Bike rides in the surroundings of Žilina
  • Car free day (we close for two days main street in centre f the city for cars, and change her for Sunday boulevard)
  • Workshops and lectures for children about road safety
  • Discussion with town planner, architects and ransportation engineers about transport problems in Žilina
  • Ecological festival
  • Operation of the ECO-train on Žilina-Rajec railway
  • Survey about satisfaction with transport and bike usage
  • Open day at the facilities of public transport operator in Žilina (DPMŽ)
  • Cultural and society events
  • Car free street
  • Info flyer about public transport in Žilina
  • Signature of the European Mobility Charter

What have we achieved?
One of the undisputed successes is the fact that Žilina is the only town in Slovakia to have signed the European Mobility Charter. In this charter, the town municipality commits itself to adopt the sustainable measures in areas such as redistribution of public spaces for alternative and environmental saving modes of transport. For example, currently the municipality has asphalted a 7km cycling track on Vodné dielo Žilina (water recreation area). In addition, the Žilina municipality has adopted a restricting policy for parking in the historical city centre. We have created a contact network and within this network the first measures regarding the sustainable mobility have been realised. One of the examples is the publishing of the “Žilina public transport guide” in Slovak and English. In the field of cycling (transport), the first proposal of cycling track network was developed and will be realised. Hereby we have started cooperation with municipality, which is disposed to support projects and activities related to the mobility improvement in Žilina. Our closed activity will be to campaign again on the issue of cars parked on pavements.

Important is for us public space and community life of the city inhabitants as well. We want to build from Žilina liveable city, with intelligent and smiley people all around. We are preparing workshop about how to design public space and public gardens, we inviting community theatres, and organizing workshop about community work in our city. In our minds quality life is connect with quality space, mobility and quality contacts with other people. In the publicity field, we have founded the mobility web portal www.mulica.sk, which will inform the citizens about transport problems, solutions and events related to transport and mobility in Žilina.

Quo vadis MULICA?
Henceforward the MULICA society wants to cooperate and actively participate in the process of the creation of a liveable and vital environment in town of Žilina. The success of EMW organisation showed that the interconnection of experts from different areas and institution is possible and fruitful.
For that reason we want to highlight problems related to the transport and mobility and also find the solutions with the help of experts. For citizens we want offer the information and events through the use of them they can actively participate in town life. Moreover, MULICA is open to cooperate with foreign institutions or similar societies and exchange the experiences with mobility problem solving.

You can download the MULICA flyer in English.

Our events, plans and goals

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