MULICA is an independent voluntary association of individuals who want to be active in the area of sustainable mobility in the town of Žilina in Slovakia. They connect with the common view that the town is not only in the sense of a car park, but as a place for social living, meeting and expressing.
The association is open for all people, who have an interest and wish to cooperate and co-create our mutual space. MULICA started up as a spontaneous reaction after organizing the European Mobility Week (EMW) and also as an answer to the increasing motorization and absence of cycling and pedestrian services.

MULICA as ‘moja ulica’ (an abbreviation of ‘my street’) supports and interconnects people with active attitude towards their own town. The association cooperates with the non-profit sector, expert institutions, the municipality and commercial sector in an endeavour to get and publish information about the sustainable development of transport in town. Through discussions with institutions and citizens, MULICA tries to develop the feeling of responsibility for one’s own activities and the awareness of their impact as a global responsibility and sustainable life.
Most important and common aim of all of our activities is a support of active participation of  Žilina inhabitants in creating sustainable surroundings, and their global responsibility of our neighbourhood. Through community projects, ecological events, cultural performances we communicate with politicians and common people.
MULICA, as a group of individuals, not organizations, is a team of specialists from culture, social work, mobility and city problematic, economic sphere etc. In our actions, we communicate and invite individuals and organizations from all areas of people, local, and international groups.

Where are we working?
MULICA works in Žilina, a town with around 86 000 citizens. Žilina is in the centre of North-western Slovakia and is also the capital of Žilina region (one of eights regions in Slovakia).The town is situated by the confluence of three rivers: Váh, Kysuca and Rajčianka and it is surrounded by beautiful mountains Malá Fatra, Javorníky and Kysucká vrchovina. From the view of transport, Žilina is one of the important transport junctions in Slovakia. Žilina’s main industries are automotive, paper, wood and IT. In the area of education and research, there is the University of Žilina and the Transport
Research Institute that are representatives of expert institutions in the field of transport.

You can download the MULICA flyer in English.

Who are we?

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